Thursday, December 10, 2009

GK Test Prep Books to Borrow

If you are taking the General Knowledge Test (GK) now or any time in the near future and would like to borrow a GK Test Prep book with a CD of timed tests, you may do so with Title V Co-op.

Please email Kristyn, Jennie, or Laura to let us know and we will gladly get a book to you!!!! Remember, the test costs $130 for the first attempt, $150 for the second attempt. GET PREPARED!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009



If you borrowed books from the Title V Co-op program for Fall 2009, PLEASE plan to return those books as SOON as your classes/exams are over.

We need to re-loan those books out to students for next semester, so please do not delay on returning any borrowed books.

If you wish to renew a book for the following semester, feel free to email kroth@broward.edu to let Kristyn know! If you have books that you would like to borrow for the Spring semester, please also let Kristyn know what courses you are taking!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The Florida Funding for Minority Teachers (FFMT) conference has just opened up its registration process. The Conference will be held on March 6 & 7 in Orlando, FL.

RSVP below:

This is one of the best conferences for education majors, and a great deal for students. Only $25 covers room, board, transportation and workshops for the entire weekend.

The conference is phenomenal and students get to network with others from different colleges and universities, as well as participate in different workshops to enhance their learning. Students will also be informed on how to apply for the Florida Funding for Minority Teachers transfer scholarship.

Resume Development

If you missed our workshop on Resume Writing, be sure to watch Dr. Stewart's powerpoint on Resume Development below!!

Student Success: Study Skills & Time Management

If you missed last week's Student Success Workshop on Time Management and Study Skills, have no fear! We have the powerpoint right here...