Friday, January 30, 2009

Need a job?

ASP Kids - After School Program

ASP Kids is hiring part-time after school positions at various schools throughout Broward County. They are looking for counselors, education majors in particular, to work with their two student programs:

1) Individual class groups:

  • ASP counselors will manage their own classes of between 1-20 students. The students will work on homework, reading, writing, character education, fun activities, and more. These counselors are responsible for planning activities based on a given curriculum as well as setting up their own classroom management system.
  • ASP Kids is also looking for individuals interested in working with special needs students (FOR ALL YOU ESE MAJORS)

2) GRANT Based Program:

  • ASP counselors will work in a classroom alongside a teacher. These classes focus on more specific curriculum in areas such as science or social studies and class sizes are between 1-15 students.
-- Starting salary at ASP Kids is $8.00-$8.50/hr.
-- Working hours are usually 1:30pm-6:00pm.

To apply for a position with ASP Kids, download the application or visit http://www.aspkids.com/

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